About My Copyright

I want my posts on this blog to be shared. Please don’t misunderstand the copyright line at the bottom of the posts. You are encouraged to re-blog, to email a link to my post, and to share it on social media. Also feel free to quote a few lines as long as you attribute the quote to me, Mel Harkrader Pine, and my blog, meltingpotdharma.com. Any works copyrighted by others that appear in my posts are, of course, the property of the copyright holder.

The copyright line just reinforces the rules that should apply anyway. You can’t take a chunk of my words and present them as your own. And you’ll need to ask my permission if you want to reproduce any of my posts in a collection or publication.

Put another way: When you re-blog or send a link, you are referring others to my site to experience the post the way I intended it. I’m thrilled and honored when you do that. If you want to copy it into something else, that’s when you need to ask my permission. Just submit the form below.

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