Mel’s Sermons

I preached most of these sermons at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Loudoun, which holds services in a charming country church built by freed slaves in what was a small freedmen’s community near Leesburg, Virginia. It has an 1890 cornerstone.

I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today

What It Means to Be Human


We Already Have Everything We Need


Even These Things May Seem Pleasant

Unitarian Universalist Church of LoudounThe Least of These

My Loose-leaf Bible

Community: Warm & Fuzzy or Cold & Hairy

A Jewish Buddhist UU with Moslem Friends Goes to See “The Passion”

Arbeit Macht Frei

The Religion of Our Forefathers

Does True Charity Exist?

A Hitchhikers Guide to Church Issues

The Buddha Is in Everything

The Challenge of Compassion

Memories Are Made of This

Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires

Heaven Is So High

The 5th Precept and the 12 Steps

Investing in Your Beliefs

A Sermon Walking