Welcome to Melting-Pot Dharma

…what I’m aiming to promote [is] — a universal spiritual oneness for all of us, welcoming to those who may be seeking refuge from a narrow sense of religion.

In a Time Such as This

Those of us who are not starving, being bombed, or being shot at all need to make daily decisions about what we can do for those who are, and what’s OK to do for ourselves.

‘It’s the Tribe, Stupid!’

What’s missing is the tribe. What’s missing is close relationships with…adults who can help children handle the transition to adulthood.

The Buddha Was Engaged with the World

Originally posted on Peace Paul's Weblog:
Recently I read “In Search of Buddha’s Daughters” by Christine Toomey. It is a collection of interviews with, and accounts of, Buddhist nuns – many of them on the leading edge of reform. These are stories of strong women taking courageous stands against oppressive, often abusive, patriarchal institutions.…

The Law of Long Weekends

Originally posted on Finding my Miracle:
I’m going to tell you a story about my wild Friday night. It’s a long story and brevity is not a strength of mine but I’m going to do my best to keep it to the point. This might be a challenge, though, because to be honest, at this…

In Hospital & Out

I wish I could say that my Buddhist equanimity, developed over decades of practice, kept me from panicking, but I’d be violating the Fourth Precept, the one about false speech.

Solar Energy – Day One

I could tell people that it’s a 9.12 kilowatt system expected to produce 971 kilowatt hours a month, but what does that mean in the real word?

Loving The World We Touch

Originally posted on Peace Paul's Weblog:
In today’s media-saturated world, it can feel like we are in perpetual crisis. A full panoply of suffering assaults us on every side – news of murders, wars, disease, famine, environmental destruction, social injustices, etc. Every issue is important and horrifying and overwhelming. Unfortunately, there is little we…

Getting to Know my Mind

Although my visual memory is close to nonexistent, in real time I follow my monkey mind, which responds to what it sees. But I am not my mind just as I am not my body. I don’t need to let a monkey lead me.

Pain and Dukkha

The Buddha said that all of his teachings were about dukkha and the cessation of dukkha. That leaves us with a religion based around single word, whose translation is tricky.