Re-Blog: Tribes, and How to Get Beyond Them

Originally posted on Truly Open Minds and Hearts:
By Mel Harkrader Pine I made a solo 1,500-mile driving round trip recently, which gave me the opportunity to catch up to some books I had been wanting to read, or in this case listen to. I was surprised, and enlightened, by two that incongruously fit together.…

Getting to Know my Mind

Although my visual memory is close to nonexistent, in real time I follow my monkey mind, which responds to what it sees. But I am not my mind just as I am not my body. I don’t need to let a monkey lead me.

Buddha’s Little Helper?

I felt as though I had reached a new level in my spiritual development — a step closer to Buddha-hood. Despite recent severe pain and despite shoulder surgery scheduled for next week, I was happy.

What Makes a Buddhist?

I believe people wanting to become Buddhists, or Buddhas, should study his teachings in the light of his own time and culture and draw from them what they need today to awaken and lead satisfactory lives.

Meditation and the Knower

My spiritual practice is to live as much of my life as I can as the knower, the observer. That’s where my heart-mind is. That’s where my compassion is, for myself and for others. That’s where I can live in the moment. That’s where I know I am not distinct from others. That’s the seat of my wisdom.

How We Meditate

After writing yesterday about why we meditate, I thought I’d follow up with how we meditate.