What Makes a Buddhist?

I believe people wanting to become Buddhists, or Buddhas, should study his teachings in the light of his own time and culture and draw from them what they need today to awaken and lead satisfactory lives.

A Glimpse of Pureland Buddhism

Pureland Buddhism is fundamentally a form of lay Buddhism. It is practiced by people with families and jobs and the many difficulties of life in the world.


…the devas and devis in the Buddha’s culture were beings invisible to humans with finite lifespans, limited powers, and subject to successes and failures. Sometimes I think a better translation would be “superheroes.”

On Wearing Malas

I’m as eclectic and contrarian about Buddhism as I am about Western religions. I’d like to say that I come from a long line of eclectic contrarians, but thanks to the Holocaust I’ll never know much about my ancestors’ personalities. My meditation practice is primarily what you might call Zen light, or mindfulness, or insight/vipassana,…