Do a Good Thing That Matters

The costs of Sarah’s Alzheimer’s made homeowner’s insurance impossible for Asbury, so the Lincoln community is doing the modern equivalent of a barn raising for the couple.

Good Things Matter

We never know what impact we’ll have with what may seem to us like a small kindness.

Ode and Owed to Singer-Songwriters

I’ve developed a deep respect for, and appreciation of, people who devote their lives to creating music that helps heal this ailing world and its suffering citizens.


…music is far more than a delivery mechanism for words of comfort. I believe that good music can cut through what Buddhists call the “monkey mind” — the chattering that distracts us from what is in the here and now.

Questions for My Father

Dad, what were you thinking and how were you feeling when you left your little shtetl of Shershov in 1921 and set out alone for the United States? At the age of 23, what made you go? Hunger? War? Pogroms? Poverty? You left behind a brother and sister in that swampy town in what’s now…