Why Kindness Heals – By James R. Doty, M.D.

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As a physician specializing in neurosurgery at an academic medical center, I appreciate the unhappiness many patients have with the present healthcare delivery system that is rushed, bureaucratic, non-caring and technology-focused. In the U.S. we spend more per capita than any other industrialized country, yet the outcomes are some of…

Please Call Me by My True Names

…even in his despair, he recognized that being one with everything means indeed being one with everything, even the sea pirate whose heart was “not yet capable of seeing and loving.”

Being a Buddha

“If it’s easy, and you know so much about it, are you an enlightened Buddha?”

Joy from the World

…whatever politicians do or say, the world is indeed shrinking, and familiarity breeds compassion, not contempt.

What Else Is There to Do?

No one with a sound mind takes on a suicide mission without feeling despair. And despair comes when our we are not heard.

Compassion. Compassion. Compassion.

I know what will save me. I am on my way today to the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia, an open mosque whose name means Land of Migration.

A Letter To Tina In The Hospital Canteen

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
Evening approached swiftly on the shortest day of the year. The hospital restaurant was nearing closing time as I heaved open the door and shoved the pushchair through. The canteen was deserted, and you were just finishing, putting chairs up on to tables. No doubt you groaned at the sight…

Be Thankful or Else!

Is it just the contrarian in me, or are there others who balk at a particular day set aside to be thankful?

Born to Be Good

…we are all born with the loving kindness (compassion) and wisdom of the Buddha, but we don’t know it

Confession and Redemption

I believe that Kelly Gissendaner achieved confession and found redemption. As you probably know, she was convicted in 1998 and sentenced to death for the murder of her husband, which she is said to have orchestrated. She was 28 at the time of the murder, a survivor of prolonged and repeated sexual abuse in childhood. In…

The Challenge of Compassion — February 26, 2012, Sermon

Now that I think of it, I guess I showed compassion by stepping in for an ailing minister with just a few days’ notice in February 2012, to write and deliver this sermon on compassion. ***** Rick Ruzzamenti, of Riverside, California, is an electrical contractor with a surly streak and an impulsive side. But he…