Perfection and Evil

What if we’re all perfect (absolutely perfect) just the way we are, and we each fit into the world perfectly, making the world perfect just the way it is?

Joy from the World

…whatever politicians do or say, the world is indeed shrinking, and familiarity breeds compassion, not contempt.

Born to Be Good

…we are all born with the loving kindness (compassion) and wisdom of the Buddha, but we don’t know it


During a four-day Thanksgiving Weekend¬†retreat at the Bhavana Society a dozen years ago, I was listening to the society’s founder and abbot,¬†Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, give a dharma talk. A Sri Lankan monk from the age of 12, Bhante G came to the United States in 1968, when he was 40. He earned a bachelor’s, a…


My own experience tells me that, with a few very rare exceptions, we are born with the intention to do good in the world…