On Not Wearing a Watch

So what started as a cultural adaptation became a spiritual one. We Buddhists like to live in the present moment — the here and the now — without fixation on past and future.

Adam, Eve, and Mara

I’ll attempt a Buddhist approach to the biblical story. Let’s call it the Parable of Adam, Eve, and Mara.

A Modern-Day Mara Story

Jigme realized it was a mistake to think that each annoyance of life is a discreet occurrence but instead to see it as part of Mara’s plan.

The Buddha and His Frenemy

That may have been good life counseling for Mara, but it is also a story with a point about non-duality. Flowers and vegetables make garbage, and garbage makes flowers and vegetables.

De-Ossifying Buddhism

…we humans, being who we are, have taken the truths spoken by Jesus and Siddhartha and turned them into beliefs. We’ve had centuries to do that and to ossify our beliefs.


During a four-day Thanksgiving Weekend¬†retreat at the Bhavana Society a dozen years ago, I was listening to the society’s founder and abbot,¬†Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, give a dharma talk. A Sri Lankan monk from the age of 12, Bhante G came to the United States in 1968, when he was 40. He earned a bachelor’s, a…