Buddha’s Little Helper?

I felt as though I had reached a new level in my spiritual development — a step closer to Buddha-hood. Despite recent severe pain and despite shoulder surgery scheduled for next week, I was happy.

Mindful of What Matters

…how do we maintain our mindfulness and our wisdom amid real estate closings, tax season, and, oh yeah, grief?

Terrorism and Climate Change

…it’s natural to react with shock and fear to the Brussels bombings. But when we take refuge in out heart-mind, or our Buddha-nature, we see that we are far less fearful of many bigger threats — like riding in a car.

Jazz, Snow and Mindfulness

Driving in icy falling snow is a beautiful example of, and metaphor for, life and the importance of mindfulness.

Smiling and Living Fully

Even the present is filtered through a Rube Goldberg mechanism we call a brain. Which is why we do the best we can to accomplish what sounds like a paradox — quieting our mind in order to be mindful.

Happy Birthday, Thay!

Thay’s messages are simple. He conveys them over and over again: Stop. Breathe. Enjoy the moment. Listen mindfully to others. Cultivate your compassion. Speak and act from love.

Marpa’s Grief

Buddhism…recognizes that we spend most of our lives here in the “relative” world, where pain is very real and nothing to be ashamed of.

The Buddha Is in Everything — December 3, 2006, Sermon

Buddhism says we are disappointed by the world because of faulty expectations. It is faulty to think that babies will never cry and dogs will never bark and brakes will never screech, so why let those things throw us off? The Buddha is even in hateful thoughts and violent crime.