Do a Good Thing That Matters

The costs of Sarah’s Alzheimer’s made homeowner’s insurance impossible for Asbury, so the Lincoln community is doing the modern equivalent of a barn raising for the couple.

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, Bubby

So many of us who live in relative affluence act as though we earned it on our own and resist the obligation to help today’s immigrants. We in the developed nations pretend that we owe none of our success to the refugees in our family trees who sacrificed to make a better life for us. We…

From 1965 to Today

I came as close as a young white man could to understanding the black experience in the United States.

Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires

I used that title for a sermon I delivered in February 2012 about income inequality. The phrase, which has been attributed to Steinbeck, is a very loose paraphrase from his “America and Americans”: Socialism never took root in America because Americans don’t see themselves as poor – only temporarily embarrassed millionaires. I added that, speaking as…