…music is far more than a delivery mechanism for words of comfort. I believe that good music can cut through what Buddhists call the “monkey mind” — the chattering that distracts us from what is in the here and now.

5 Key Words — Mel’s Mouth Glossary

Words unite us and words divide us, whether they are understood as intended or not. I live in an area where I sometimes get asked: “Are you a Christian?” My reply: “Probably not in the sense that you intended.” I post in the words I need to write in the hope that you need…


…It’s a something-ness we don’t yet understand. It may simply be the quality of being fully right here now in the present moment that awakens our Resonance. It may be the sense that overwhelms us when we look up at the sky on a clear dark night or hear a particular musical passage.

Re-Blog: Zen Postcard #20

My own belief system evolves as I write my blog posts. I find myself using the idea of resonance repeatedly. We resonate with other beings and find communion and holiness there, as we do when we resonate with nature and with art. We resonate with music, of course, and another art form on my wavelength…