Terrorism and Climate Change

…it’s natural to react with shock and fear to the Brussels bombings. But when we take refuge in out heart-mind, or our Buddha-nature, we see that we are far less fearful of many bigger threats — like riding in a car.

What Else Is There to Do?

No one with a sound mind takes on a suicide mission without feeling despair. And despair comes when our we are not heard.

Duck & Cover, Run-Hide-Fight

In A-bomb drills…all we did was line up, leave the classroom, and seat ourselves in orderly fashion along the walls of the corridors. I had no idea then, and still have no idea, how that would have helped us in a nuclear bombing.

What Is, Is

…I don’t know if any of us can do much about twisted thinking, but we can all help reduce the despair in the world.

Noble Truth and Terrorism

When the unthinkable happens, people go to great lengths to explain it in a way that fits their belief system.