My Life

My spiritual life takes two interconnected (aren’t they all?) paths. I’ll discuss the Buddhist one, the Unitarian Universalist one, and how they connect.

‘This Body Is Not Me’

So, indeed, this body is not me. It’s nothing like the body that ran three marathons in 1979 and ’80.

We Thank Them All

Many of us in the worldwide blogosphere need to research, write, create art, spread ideas at the same time that we consume all of the above. Others focus on creating, or on taking it in.

The Buddha and His Frenemy

That may have been good life counseling for Mara, but it is also a story with a point about non-duality. Flowers and vegetables make garbage, and garbage makes flowers and vegetables.

Who’s the Boss? You or Your Ideas?

When we see no daylight between ourselves and our opinions and positions, we become dangerous to ourselves and others, to the fabric of our interdependent web of existence.

Inside and Outside

Some think it’s egotistical to believe that God is within us, but I’d say the opposite.

Enlightening Up

…while I’m in that state, I’m enlightened, and the more I’m there, the more enlightened I become.

We’re All Cookie Dough

Some early practitioners did in fact dismiss “good works” as not terribly important, but I think that was, and is, a misreading of the Buddha’s teachings.

What Took Me So Long?

Finding your teacher is like finding a spouse…. [I]f this ornery old man could at last find a teacher, so can you.

Of Blizzards and Email

If you have been reading Melting-Pot Dharma long enough, you know that I’m about to make a connection between blizzards and email and tie it all in to spiritual wholeness.