Dear Leslie Mac:

Mel Pine’s rebuttal to the charges of white racism that are coming his way.

My White Privilege

…where this left me was as a crusader not for Jews, or for African-Americans, or for any one group, but for whoever is being oppressed.


I apologize for the pain my post yesterday has awakened in so many. I hope they can believe me when I say that my objections to the charge to the interim presidents of the Unitarian Universalist Association would have been greater if it mandated the removal of all hiring goals before the new president takes…

ReligUUsity — Sermon March 6, 2016

We don’t need to shave our heads, sit in the half-lotus position and wear robes to be appealing to more folks, but we do need to open up about our belief systems – the being as well as the doing – and we need to be more genuinely inclusive.