Taking Stock

The new and improved Mel’s Mouth blog launched on September 4, so as the month comes to a close I’ll take stock of the first 27 days. I’m gratified and humbled that the blog was visited at least 500 times by people from 19 countries who have found my words worth reading this month. On average, each visitor viewed two pages of the blog on any given day.

Path in Monet's gardenThe most popular post was A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Church Issues, followed by A Noiseless Patient Spider, The Book of Mel, and I Know How Joe Biden Feels. Another post, Belief in God, up for just about 24 hours as I write this, is off to a fast start with lively feedback, so I expect it will be one of the most-read once it has had its time in the sun.

I wasn’t sure when I started exactly how to describe what I want to say, but I realize now that the message is about religion – in the broadest sense of the word. It’s about how we grope along attempting to live fulfilling lives and find deep satisfaction, regardless of whether we fit anyone else’s idea of who a religious person needs to be. I’ll quote two great preachers:

John Wesley: We need not think alike in order to love alike.

A. Powell Davies: Life is just a chance to grow a soul.

I’ll continue to write the words that I need to in order to grow my soul and express my love, and I hope you find here words to do likewise, regardless of whether you agree with them or not. I welcome your comments in the space that says “Leave a Reply” beneath the posts, or via the form on the Contact Mel page. I also welcome your “Likes” and invite you to subscribe, so you’ll receive notice of each post by email. Just click on the block about “Following” this blog. The blog host, WordPress, says your email address won’t be given to anyone else.

And please share the posts that you like, let others know about Mel’s Mouth.

Finally, contact me if you have a need for a guest lay preacher or mindfulness meditation teacher, especially if I can reach you from my home in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Much more to come.

Peace, Salaam, Shalom.

Copyright 2015 © Mel Harkrader Pine

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