Flawed by Nature, or Flawed by Nurture?

I have not done much re-blogging, but I can’t resist re-blogging this. Please read it. I support tougher gun controls, but thy are not going to end mass violence. Neither is the focus on mental illness and the individual shooter. The problem is something in our culture, and the young woman who wrote this post, wise beyond her years, points us in the right direction.

Amie Zor

I struggle with why and how a fellow human being comes to the decision to kill many others, go on a ‘rampage’ with a gun or other weapon, and cause this kind of deep hurt and malice.

I try to put myself in someone’s shoes, to work out what kind of motivations might meet me there, in a place so dark as to consider murder as the solution to a problem.

I wrestle with the concept that this kind of action is not only becoming commonplace in our “advanced” society, but – dare I say it – trendy. A trending way for the outcast, disgruntled, or misunderstood persons among us to express their grief, anger, or sadness. A way to act out. A way to be heard or known. Or perhaps they feel nothing at all.


How does a civilized world like our own create and nurture people to…

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  1. lplobinske says:

    I agree with you, Mel, about what we need to do, and that it probably won’t be enough. Good post, and one worth re-blogging.

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