I Am The Daughter Of Foreigners

Brava, Taara Donley! As the son of a foreigner, I admire what you did. This would make a great oral story, too. Consider pitching it to The Moth.

A Writing Mama's Journal

On the day I went to the Secretary of State’s office to renew my driver’s license, the room was packed with people.  I took a number and then chose the first vacant seat that I saw in the waiting area.  Most people in the room were visibly unhappy about the wait.  An older couple sitting across the aisle two rows in front of me was very vocal about it.  Their loud complaints about the “lazy” and “incompetent” people behind the counter were annoying.  I tried to tune them out by reading a book, but after a few minutes, I put the book down and glanced at them.  The man was leaning over and complaining bitterly to a woman who I assume was his wife.  The woman was in a wheelchair.

In that moment, they reminded me of my own parents.  Not because of the complaining, but because of their postures. …

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  1. John Manwell says:

    A powerful story. How sad.

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    1. melhpine says:

      John, I’m uplifted by Taara’s story. People of our generation would never have stood up to the bigots the way she did. She was willing to stand up for herself, her parents and all immigrants.


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