you are enough.

My friend the Rev. Dawn Cooley, minister at First Unitarian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, is a shining light in our Unitarian Universalist faith. I’m honored to share her recent sermon: “You are enough.”

Speaking of...

Catching up on some sermon posting this week.  This was delivered 6/14/2015

Moment for All Ages


Turning on the TV the other day, my mood went from pleasant to grumpy to depressed in a five minute span. The show I’d turned on featured a family doing some amazing and fun activity together. This triggered my guilt that our favorite family past-time tends to be watching movies together – not very extraordinary. Then came a commercial break: first a commercial for a plastic surgeon, then a commercial for a drug that will make sure men are ready for whatever, um, adventure, comes their way, then a tutoring service to help kids get better grades, then a new diet guaranteed to lose that belly fat. At the end of 5 minutes, viewers received the message that they aren’t enough in many different ways: not extraordinary enough, not pretty enough, not virile…

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