The Law of Long Weekends

I love Catherine’s writing style, I love her sense of humor, I love her attitude. Coming from what I’d call her Buddha within, this post from her is a gem. You’ll need to understand first that she’s a young woman with a chronic illness and depends on a tube that attaches to a port in her chest in order to get nutrition and hydration. I know this sounds strange, but: Enjoy!
— MP

Finding my Miracle

I’m going to tell you a story about my wild Friday night. It’s a long story and brevity is not a strength of mine but I’m going to do my best to keep it to the point. This might be a challenge, though, because to be honest, at this exact moment in time I’m not 100% sure what the point of this post is going to be, but perhaps I’ll figure it out along the way.

Let’s start with a little background. I don’t consider myself a superstitious person. I do, however, believe in what I call The Law of Long Weekends. I believe in it so much, apparently, that I felt capital letters were necessary. The Law of Long Weekends states that medical malfunctions arise right before or during a long weekend, when you can’t get hold of the people who would usually be able to help, and it…

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    Thanks for the re-post!

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