What’s Wrong with the American Dream

After writing this for my other blog, Truly Open Minds and Hearts, I began to wonder whether it’s really about a Middle Way for capitalism.

Truly Open Minds and Hearts

By Mel Harkrader Pine

At the age of 30, I got my first ride on a corporate jet. My companions were the Vice Chairman of the Mobil Corporation Board and our wives. Since we were four passengers on a short flight — New York to Washington — we took a smaller plane, but later I often traveled in the comfort of a souped-up Gulfstream G-3 with an interior like the one pictured above.

On that first trip, in 1977, I rented a suite at the Watergate Hotel and met with both Henry Kissinger and Margaret Thatcher.

Not bad for a kid from F Street and Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia, a neighborhood of immigrants in row houses. Not bad for a kid whose father came alone and destitute to the United States in 1921 at the age of 23.

G-3 Takeoff A G-3 taking off

Am I an example of the American Dream?…

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  1. Somehow size seems to be the problem. Companies get too big and then, as you say, it becomes about growth to justify high salaries and shareholder profits. Breaking up monopolies or near-monopolies seems like a good place to start in dealing with this. Even though it might be a net negative for my family, I think our society would probably benefit from breaking up the big tech companies, or treating them like utilities. What if we had viable alternatives to Facebook and Google and they had to compete for our business?

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  2. melhpine says:

    I agree, and the tech industry provides ready targets because it is so much in the news right now. But I’m much more bothered by banks and much of the financial sector, and by some basic industries like food processors like Tyson Foods/.

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