What’s Wrong with the American Dream

After writing this for my other blog, Truly Open Minds and Hearts, I began to wonder whether it’s really about a Middle Way for capitalism.

Truly Open Minds and Hearts

By Mel Harkrader Pine

At the age of 30, I got my first ride on a corporate jet. My companions were the Vice Chairman of the Mobil Corporation Board and our wives. Since we were four passengers on a short flight — New York to Washington — we took a smaller plane, but later I often traveled in the comfort of a souped-up Gulfstream G-3 with an interior like the one pictured above.

On that first trip, in 1977, I rented a suite at the Watergate Hotel and met with both Henry Kissinger and Margaret Thatcher.

Not bad for a kid from F Street and Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia, a neighborhood of immigrants in row houses. Not bad for a kid whose father came alone and destitute to the United States in 1921 at the age of 23.

G-3 Takeoff A G-3 taking off

Am I an example of the American Dream?…

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