Inside and Outside

Some think it’s egotistical to believe that God is within us, but I’d say the opposite.


…stay tuned for more on Dzogchen and Lama Surya as well as other Buddhist disciplines and progressive approaches to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and spirituality in general.

Gratitude for My Teachers

…the teachers contributing the most to my spiritual growth were not people…. They were my personal tragedies, the mud from which my lotus has bloomed.

Jazz, Snow and Mindfulness

Driving in icy falling snow is a beautiful example of, and metaphor for, life and the importance of mindfulness.

Words + Music = ???

I don’t believe in an external deity who watches over sparrows and me, but I do believe in a force that connects sparrows and me and everything else.

What Took Me So Long?

Finding your teacher is like finding a spouse…. [I]f this ornery old man could at last find a teacher, so can you.

Remembrance Part 2: David Arben

Arben’s life had been saved by his violin. As a child, he certainly would have been killed by the Nazis if they had not discovered his musical ability.

Remembrance Day

I mourn their violent deaths, but I attempt to honor their memory by living with love and compassion and never considering anyone inferior to me.

My New Tattoo

The lotus in Buddhism represents the purity and beauty that arises from the mud.

the road

Originally posted on dhamma footsteps:
POSTCARD #180: Chiang Mai: For most people in the Christian world, the Christmas festival has jingle-bells, santaclausisms and the Jesus Teachings are embedded in this but that’s okay. Somehow the essence of it got assimilated in the warmth of our Christmas-shopping and why not, it’s all-inclusive isn’t it? For a…