Throwing Seeds

I’m determined to spread as many more seeds as I can, in part because Thomas cannot.

Eyes in a Crowd

…when I locked eyes with my silent ally, we became a tribe of two…

Just the Facts

Mel Pine’s “Litany of Gratitude” was removed from the Worship Web.

Everything Old Is New Again

…history seems to be repeating itself with a President even weirder than Nixon and probably less principled, in a climate that seems more polarized.

Walls — Disassembly Required

Modern research and writing on racism focuses on its systemic nature, which can’t be denied. But I don’t know how to re-engineer a culture or redistribute its power. I do know how to break down walls and feel my oneness with all beings.

Dear Leslie Mac:

Mel Pine’s rebuttal to the charges of white racism that are coming his way.

My White Privilege

…where this left me was as a crusader not for Jews, or for African-Americans, or for any one group, but for whoever is being oppressed.


I apologize for the pain my post yesterday has awakened in so many. I hope they can believe me when I say that my objections to the charge to the interim presidents of the Unitarian Universalist Association would have been greater if it mandated the removal of all hiring goals before the new president takes…

TrUUmpism – Sermon – March 19, 2017

TrUUmpism. Yes, that’s a controversial sermon title, but, no, this is not a political sermon. It’s a fresh way of looking at the divisions in the country and what those divisions may teach us as Americans and as Unitarian Universalists.

Trump and Learning from My Crises

I had thought that most of my fellow citizens agreed on the core values of inclusion and mutual respect…that most of us welcomed our diversity. Maybe I was misled by the idealism of the 1960’s.