The Cracked Water Pot

I’ve been feeling lately a bit like the cracked pot, and I suspect that all of us do from time to time.

A Modern-Day Mara Story

Jigme realized it was a mistake to think that each annoyance of life is a discreet occurrence but instead to see it as part of Mara’s plan.

The Buddha and His Frenemy

That may have been good life counseling for Mara, but it is also a story with a point about non-duality. Flowers and vegetables make garbage, and garbage makes flowers and vegetables.

A Non-Spoiler Non-Review

…watch the documentary. You will learn about what passes for justice for those in the under-class, and you may learn about your own biases.

A Letter To Tina In The Hospital Canteen

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
Evening approached swiftly on the shortest day of the year. The hospital restaurant was nearing closing time as I heaved open the door and shoved the pushchair through. The canteen was deserted, and you were just finishing, putting chairs up on to tables. No doubt you groaned at the sight…

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, Bubby

So many of us who live in relative affluence act as though we earned it on our own and resist the obligation to help today’s immigrants. We in the developed nations pretend that we owe none of our success to the refugees in our family trees who sacrificed to make a better life for us. We…

Confession of a Former Newsman

I worked in the newsrooms of Philadelphia and New York City tabloid newspapers from 1966 to 1976. Although U.S. tabloids were not as outrageous then as they are today, they did have their faults, including an emphasis on the sensational. It’s popular to despise the media now, to blame the media for much of what’s…

Little Big Man and Me

I’ve noticed how many Facebook posts are about what’s wrong with the other side. My liberal friends spend much more time finding fault with conservatives than promoting their own ideas, and vice versa.

My Schizophrenic Conversation

I’ve experience more than my share of traumatic losses. That’s the bad news. The good news is that each one taught me a great deal, and telling some of the stories may help others.The video below, from January 2012, is the first story I ever told with Better Said Than Done. It’s not easy to…

Memories Are Made of This — October 20, 2013, Sermon

This isn’t really the word’s etymology, but when we re-member it’s as though we are bringing together various members of the thought into one coherent memory, and the members – the various bits from various parts of our brain – change over time.