The Illusion of Group

As liberal religions seek more honest dialogue about race, they bury themselves deeper into racial and ethnic groupings.

Re-Blog: Walking Buddhas

Originally posted on Peace Paul's Blog:
When we speak of Enlightenment, we often think of the Buddha sitting peacefully under the Bodhi Tree. This Buddha is ubiquitous; found in temples, religious murals, on home altars, and even in pop art. We forget, however, that the Buddha lived most of his life in public teaching,…

Solar Energy — Day 365

…over a year and four weeks, we have prevented the release of 8,250 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

A Sad Answer from the Old Country

I came across that passage…as I was looking through resource material without a hint that I’d find a mention of a man I had wondered so much about, my father’s father.

Throwing Seeds

I’m determined to spread as many more seeds as I can, in part because Thomas cannot.

Eyes in a Crowd

…when I locked eyes with my silent ally, we became a tribe of two…

Just the Facts

Mel Pine’s “Litany of Gratitude” was removed from the Worship Web.

Everything Old Is New Again

…history seems to be repeating itself with a President even weirder than Nixon and probably less principled, in a climate that seems more polarized.

Walls — Disassembly Required

Modern research and writing on racism focuses on its systemic nature, which can’t be denied. But I don’t know how to re-engineer a culture or redistribute its power. I do know how to break down walls and feel my oneness with all beings.

Dear Leslie Mac:

Mel Pine’s rebuttal to the charges of white racism that are coming his way.