Be Careful What You Resolve To Do…you just might do it

Welcome to the first post in new blog, co-edited by Rev. Kate Brarstrup and me, devoted to keeping minds and hearts truly open in our liberal religions. I’ll still be posting on Melting Pot Dharma as well as Truly Open Minds and Hearts.

Truly Open Minds and Hearts

 By Rev. Kate Braestrup

As a rule, my New Year’s resolutions are notable neither for originality nor for their chances of being fulfilled. Year after year, along with so many of my fellow Americans, I resolve to– -surprise!– – exercise and lose weight. Year after year, my failure to do either is discouragingly evident by February.

New Years 2015 was different.

Though I was as fat and out of shape as ever, my usual half-hearted feint at overcoming the common sins of greed and sloth seemed self-indulgent. Surely, given the urgent issues playing out in full-color rage and riot in the news, I should resolve to do something that might make me a better person, and more useful citizen?

Kate-Heros Rev. Braestrup, along with Maine State Troopers, get some cheer from a Dallas child while there for the funerals of fallen police officers.

What seemed most striking about the national mood…

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  1. When I was still attending UU services, I remember being quite surprised – somewhat flabbergasted, actually – to see that my governor (Governor Rick Scott, a man I have been known to call Governor Voldemort on social media) was present in the congregation. That’s the risk, I guess, of attending services in the state capital: you risk finding out that your political nemesis is a human being too.


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