The Illusion of Group

As liberal religions seek more honest dialogue about race, they bury themselves deeper into racial and ethnic groupings.

A Sad Answer from the Old Country

I came across that passage…as I was looking through resource material without a hint that I’d find a mention of a man I had wondered so much about, my father’s father.

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, Bubby

So many of us who live in relative affluence act as though we earned it on our own and resist the obligation to help today’s immigrants. We in the developed nations pretend that we owe none of our success to the refugees in our family trees who sacrificed to make a better life for us. We…

Questions for My Father

Dad, what were you thinking and how were you feeling when you left your little shtetl of Shershov in 1921 and set out alone for the United States? At the age of 23, what made you go? Hunger? War? Pogroms? Poverty? You left behind a brother and sister in that swampy town in what’s now…