Mindful of What Matters

…how do we maintain our mindfulness and our wisdom amid real estate closings, tax season, and, oh yeah, grief?

Life Flows On

Buddhism teaches that impermanence is a pre-configured part of life, but judging from our experience some lives and some times are more impermanent than others.

Impermanence & Marathons

Although the self is impermanent and an illusion, there is a something that is mine and consistent. I’ll call it my soul….It’s the essential me that persists through change and just maybe will never be gone from the world.

I Love Autumn

I wonder what it is that predisposed me, or opened me up, to fall, autumn colors, impermanence and Buddhism.

My Epiphany about Impermanence and Emptiness

You and I and everything else in our world are like this web page. We are made of tiny particles that dance and degrade and even hop out of us into the air and water and other things around us.