My Life

My spiritual life takes two interconnected (aren’t they all?) paths. I’ll discuss the Buddhist one, the Unitarian Universalist one, and how they connect.

The Great Perfection

In each moment, we can use our free will to take a non-dual, compassionate view or submit to the karma that tends to pull us toward self-and-other.

What Makes a Buddhist?

I believe people wanting to become Buddhists, or Buddhas, should study his teachings in the light of his own time and culture and draw from them what they need today to awaken and lead satisfactory lives.

We Thank Them All

Many of us in the worldwide blogosphere need to research, write, create art, spread ideas at the same time that we consume all of the above. Others focus on creating, or on taking it in.

Life Flows On

Buddhism teaches that impermanence is a pre-configured part of life, but judging from our experience some lives and some times are more impermanent than others.

Emptiness and Boundlessness

Co-meditation brings you together and overcomes your selfness. I found success with this technique once in a dining hall during a silent retreat.

Enlightening Up

…while I’m in that state, I’m enlightened, and the more I’m there, the more enlightened I become.


…stay tuned for more on Dzogchen and Lama Surya as well as other Buddhist disciplines and progressive approaches to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and spirituality in general.

Words + Music = ???

I don’t believe in an external deity who watches over sparrows and me, but I do believe in a force that connects sparrows and me and everything else.

What Took Me So Long?

Finding your teacher is like finding a spouse…. [I]f this ornery old man could at last find a teacher, so can you.