My New Tattoo

The lotus in Buddhism represents the purity and beauty that arises from the mud.

I’m Awake!

So after 69 years, 7 months, and 14 days of life, I found my spiritual home.

Gone Fishin’?

No, I have not literally gone fishin’. In fact, I rank fishing right next to golfing among the things I least like to do. I have never understood why grownups get such satisfaction from outwitting a creature with a brain the size of a fingertip. But gone fishin’ is a phrase in English for taking time…

Being a Buddha

“If it’s easy, and you know so much about it, are you an enlightened Buddha?”

What Else Is There to Do?

No one with a sound mind takes on a suicide mission without feeling despair. And despair comes when our we are not heard.

Welcome to Melting-Pot Dharma

…what I’m aiming to promote [is] — a universal spiritual oneness for all of us, welcoming to those who may be seeking refuge from a narrow sense of religion.