Recovery from Addiction requires forward motion

I am so glad that I found Juan Blea’s blog, Addicted to Words, and this post in particular. I feel as though I have made a friend.


When I photograph something, it’s usually because of the movement I’m trying to capture. There’s always movement in life, whether or not we can see it. For example, in the pictures I’ve included, there is obviously the snow falling and the light reflecting. That implicit movement is what caught my eye and I wanted to capture as much of that moment as I could. As I stood in the falling snow, it occurred to me that, while the movement that grabbed my attention was strong, there was also the less obvious movement that I didn’t initially see. For example, the bench’s metal started to freeze with the cold wetness. The freezing process slows molecules; the snow freezing into ice is an overt example of that slowing motion.  Plus, the Earth is always rotating – I know I sometimes forget that, while a bench may seem stationary, it’s moving with everything…

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