Bishop Spong: Charting the New Reformation: The Twelve Theses

Bishop Spong“The explosion of knowledge over the last five hundred years in the West has rendered most of the biblical and creedal presuppositions to be unbelievable,” writes Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong. “They rise out of a world that no longer exists.”

I’ve heard much about Bishop Spong as one of the brightest voices in progressive Western religion. In this article, he lays out his 12 theses to save Christianity, which he calls “less and less believable to more and more people” and closes with a call for a “radical Christian Reformation.”

I’d like to see a progressive reformation that includes all the world’s ancient religions, but if you love Christianity and want to save it, this article is a must read: : Charting the New Reformation: The Twelve Theses

Copyright 2015 © Mel Harkrader Pine

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  1. Wow. Total blasphemy. How deceitful to imply this is progress by labeling it “progressive”. Biblically this qualifies as Antichrist and is therefore prophetic fulfillment as far as this priest is concerned.


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