I Am The Daughter Of Foreigners

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On the day I went to the Secretary of State’s office to renew my driver’s license, the room was packed with people.  I took a number and then chose the first vacant seat that I saw in the waiting area.  Most people in the room were visibly…

Belief in God… the three-letter-word

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I’ve recently been trying to define my belief in God, or map it in some way, but it’s hard to describe. I’ll cut to the chase: I think the subconscious is a direct line to God. I think the subconscious IS God. I don’t think this is a sensational thought.…


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I have been thinking about the concept of “non-opposition”.  Almost all forms of Buddhism have some instruction about not living in opposition to the world.  How does this really work when there are so many things that are just not okay.  Oppression is real. The murder of black and brown…

Buddhism and the Brain § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM

Reblogging a perceptive look at neuroscience, Buddhism and Western religions: Many of Buddhism’s core tenets significantly overlap with findings from modern neurology and neuroscience. So how did Buddhism come close to getting the brain right? Source: Buddhism and the Brain § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM

Everyday Healers

I wanted to honor the doctors, nurses, and other volunteers who put themselves in harm’s way because, well, they say to themselves: “If I don’t do it, who will?”

Flawed by Nature, or Flawed by Nurture?

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I struggle with why and how a fellow human being comes to the decision to kill many others, go on a ‘rampage’ with a gun or other weapon, and cause this kind of deep hurt and malice. I try to put myself in someone’s shoes, to work out what kind…

Re-Blog: Zen Postcard #20

My own belief system evolves as I write my blog posts. I find myself using the idea of resonance repeatedly. We resonate with other beings and find communion and holiness there, as we do when we resonate with nature and with art. We resonate with music, of course, and another art form on my wavelength…

Taking Stock

I wasn’t sure when I started exactly how to describe what I want to say, but I realize now that the message is about religion – in the broadest sense of the word.

My Schizophrenic Conversation

I’ve experience more than my share of traumatic losses. That’s the bad news. The good news is that each one taught me a great deal, and telling some of the stories may help others.The video below, from January 2012, is the first story I ever told with Better Said Than Done. It’s not easy to…